SORANDI™ Pet Dual Circular Cut Nail Clippers

Color: Orange
Sale price€13,99


Introducing the Stress-Free Pet Nail Clipper - Tailored to fit your pet's needs, select the appropriate size and effortlessly trim your furry friend's nails. Its innovative conical blade precisely trims the nail tip, ensuring stress-free and injury-free nail care.

Perfectly Sized 
 Prioritize your pet's comfort by selecting the right nail clipper size.

Crafted for Comfort and Efficiency - Boasting a cushioned, non-slip handle for your ease and stainless-steel blades engineered for a clean cut. Unlike conventional clippers, it won't crush nails, leaving no sharp edges or the need for filing.

Time and Money Saver 
 this pet nail clipper becomes your savvy solution. Regular nail trims are essential for your pet's well-being, making this a smart investment in their health and grooming routine.

Simple and Safe Handling 
Equipped with razor-sharp stainless-steel blades and an ergonomic, eco-friendly plastic grip. These clippers are designed for ease of use.
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