SORANDI™ - Bottle with Refreshing Spray

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Color: black
Capacity: 700ML
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Enjoy instant freshness wherever you go with our integrated spray bottle! Perfect for cooling off on hot days or having fun with your friends.

Constant hydration

Thanks to the practical integrated water bottle, you will always have fresh water at hand to hydrate during your outdoor activities or during moments of play with friends.

Instant freshness

With our built-in sprayer, you can enjoy instant refreshment wherever you are. Simply fill the water bottle with cool water and spray for instant relief from the summer heat.

Convenient and Portable Design

With its lightweight and portable design, our water bottle is easy to carry wherever you go. It fits perfectly in your gym bag or camping backpack, ensuring freshness and hydration on the go.

Ecological and Reusable

By choosing our water bottle with integrated sprayer, you help reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles, opting for an ecological and sustainable solution.


Experience the ultimate hydration solution! Don't miss out on uninterrupted refreshment during your outdoor escapades. Order now and stay energized on every adventure!

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