SORANDI™ Solar Rose Light For Garden

Emitting Color: Blue
Sale price€15,00


Solar rose lights are like pretty flowers for your garden. They make your garden look romantic and nice. These lights have a beautiful shape like a flower. They don't just make your garden look nice but also make it bright at night. They're great for any outdoor place. They use a good solar panel to shine for a long time without electricity. Just put them outside during the day to soak up the sun, and they'll shine bright all night.
Adjustable Stems & Leaves - The stems and leaves of these lights are held up by strong iron wire, making them very flexible and tough. You can bend them into different shapes and styles, and the lights will look like lilies even after bending them many times.
Easy To Install And Use - It takes only 2-3 minutes to install these solar flower lights and get them working. They automatically light up when it's dark, brightening your garden and pathway. When you come home at night, you'll see the beautiful lights shining outdoors. You don't need any wiring or external electricity for these solar flower lights to work.
Hold Up In Bad Weather - This beautiful artificial flower garden stake light is at home outside. The waterproof glass is IP55, and the flower & stem is made of high-quality material proven to withstand bad weather.

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